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Creating moving and still images has been my intense passion for over 20 years. 

I was born in Israel and established my career in Tel Aviv. I worked all over Europe and in 2001 settled in New York City where I joined a premier creative production company that produced broadcast commercials, digital content and short documentary films for some of the most prestigious brands worldwide.


During my tenure there I worked in studio and on-location in the capacity of DP, camera operator, data manager, and internally I was integrally involved in storyboard creation, research, web design and a variety of technical support.


I moved back to Israel in 2019 to help raise my young son Michail and reestablish myself in Tel Aviv.  


I have a 24/7 work ethic and I’m not happy unless I’m generating moving, meaningful, uplifting images on a daily basis.


Collaborating with creative people motivates me and I welcome any and all challenges.


For further information please contact me at:  US +1-917-570-7130.  IL +972-58-570-7130 

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