Haim Bargig

Cinematographer. Photographer. Visual Aritst.

I was born in Israel. At the age of 17 I was introduced to an SLR camera by my brother, who came back from a trip with lots of beautiful images. That is when I realized that I can take two pictures of the same object at the same place in such a way that they will represent or depict very different things. I loved it…..

Soon after, I joined the Israeli Defense Force as a tank mechanic and served as a military photographer for over a year.

In 2001 I moved to New York; shuttling for work between the US, Europe and Israel.

In 2019 I moved back to Israel with my son Michail. 

My work is a fusion that questions what is internal and what is external. I deal with integration between the two worlds and make visible the relationship between them. The landscapes in my work express the external world while the figure brings the internal mind into that world in different shapes. The "One" composed of many ones: like an atom to a molecule, a kid to a family, a planet to a galaxy..



אלקטרה,  בית השנטי, כללית, מאוחדת, מאושרים, סודה סטרים, סופר פארם,  סיפורי חיות,  קאזה 

ArtSchoolVets, Billboard Magazine, Campari, Digital Production Magazine, Gus Magazine,

Hatzolah of Williamsburg, HFF Munich, International Center of Photography, Johnson and Johnson, Landeshauptstadt München, L-Tur, Macy's, Mini Cooper, Mishpacha Magazine, Monday.com , Randstad, The American Delegation of Savoy Order, The Susan G. Komen, United Technologies, USO Vaseline Man.

Day Job: Art Department Director (www.icontent.tv).

Since 2009 I have been managing the art department at Icontent, a boutique creative agency and production company that specializes in creating docu-style TV- commercials and documentaries. I have been involved with everything from creative concept & treatment designs, production and overall art department upkeep.